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Number Name
1 Holy woman, graceful giver
2 Myrrh-bearing Mary
5 I am he for whom you long
6 Loud are the bells of Norwich
8 Miserere miseris
9 North Africa’s mothers gave rise
10 O Monica, blest mother
11 Salamu Maria
12 Litany for Sisters of the Christ
13 Apostle of the Word
14 Delivered from shame
16 With Miriam we will dance
19 O wind that blows
20 There was Jesus by the water
23 A father came to Jesus
24 When, like the woman at the well
25 Jesus describes a forceful woman
26 Women of faith
31 When candles are lighted
32 Comfort ye my people
33 The grain is ripe
34 People, look East
35 Star-Child, earth-Child
36 O mundi domina
37 Mary borned a baby
39 Eternity touched hands with time
41 O Lord, how the fallen woman wept
42 Would you share Christ’s passion?
43 At the foot of the cross
44 Mary and Martha’s just gone ’long
45 That Easter morn
46 Emmanuel! The angels’ ancient chorus
47 O Mary, O Martha
48 Maria Magdalena et altera Maria
49 There is a green hill far away
50 At break of day
51 Loving Spirit
52 Come, Great Creator!
53 Spirit of God, unseen
54 O Holy Spirit
55 O Holy Spirit, root of life
56 God of flowing light
57 No longer settled
59 Breath of God
60 Come and seek the ways of Wisdom
61 Give me oil in my lamp
62 O fiery Spirit
63 I cannot dance, O Love
65 Rejoice for martyrs strong
66 Rejoice for Florence

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