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My Heart Sings Out

Number Name
59 Longing for light
60 My heart sings out with joyful praise
61 Prepare the way of the Lord
62 Stay awake, be ready
63 Prepare ye the way
64 Gloria, gloria, gloria
65 Jesus our brother, kind and good
66 Sleep, sleep, gently sleep
67 The Virgin Mary had a baby boy
68 Listen, my friends
69 Child so lovely, Niño lindo
70 That boy-child of Mary
71 Los magos que llegaron a Belén, The magi who to Bethlehem did go
72 Who are these eastern strangers?
73 Look up!
74 Blest are the poor in spirit
75 Yo soy la luz del mundo, I am the world’s true light
76 When Jesus saw the fishermen
77 I, the Lord of sea and sky
78 We will lay our burden down
79 Sent by the Lord
80 The light of Christ
81 Your word
82 Come now, O Prince of Peace
83 If you love me
85 God it was
86 In the bulb there is a flower
87 I want Jesus to walk with me
88 Jesus said, I am the door
90 The King of glory comes
91 ’Sanna
93 Pan de Vida
95 Crashing waters at creation
96 We are on our way
97 It rained on the earth forty days
98 We give thanks unto you
99 That Easter morn
101 Sing, O people
102 The Lord, the Lord, the Lord is my shepherd
103 Oh, how good is Christ the Lord, Oh, qué bueno es Jesús
104 You are my shepherd
105 We are all children of the Lord
106 To the God who cannot die
107 Soplo de Dios viviente, Breath of the living God
108 Come, Holy Spirit, descend on us
109 I am the church
110 She sits like a bird
111 Loving Spirit
112 May your loving spirit
114 We see the Lord
116 In the night, in the day
117 Glory to God
118 We sing of the saints

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