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[Daniel G. C. Wu]

Priest and Missionary among Chinese Americans, 1956

Work among Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay area dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century, but flourished under the leadership of Daniel Gee Ching Wu.

His story begins in Hawaii when Deaconess Emma Drant asked Gee Ching Wu to teach her Chinese in exchange for lessons in English. At the time, Wu was reticent toward the faith, but during their time together, Drants Christian convictions inspired his conversion. Wu was baptized, taking the name Daniel. Drant left for San Francisco where she began mission work among the Chinese and in 1905 called together a worshiping community to be called True Sunshine Episcopal Mission. After the 1906 earthquake, many residents of San Francisco, including many Chinese, fled across the bay to Oakland, and a second Chinese mission took root there. Needing help, Drant called upon Daniel Wu, to come from Hawaii and support her missionary efforts.

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